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Abundance of sunshine. Over 300 days of sunshine a year. The Southwest, Texas and Tennessee offer amazing spring and autumn weather.

Spring Average High 69
Average Low  47
Summer Average High 86
Average Low  65
Fall Average High 66
Average Low 54
Winter Average High 52
Average Low 30

TX (Austin, San Antonio Area)
Spring Average High 77
Average Low  58
Summer Average High 93
Average Low  71
Fall Average High 82
Average Low 60
Winter Average High 64
Average Low 42

Southwest (4 corner regions)
Outstanding Weather Facts for the Southwest

Six months out of the year you have 12-14 hours of sunshine with perfect filming conditions.

 The weather is mostly dry and sunny and offers superb location shooting with few restrictions.
The southwest offers many different elevations, location choices and climates. From low and high desert to alpine and plateau.


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